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Annual Dance competitions of Papanasam Sivan Rasikar Sangam on 5th Sep 2009.
Download application form here.
Annual Music competitions of Papanasam Sivan Rasikar Sangam on 6th Sep 2009.
Download application form here.
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Smt.Sowmya was conferred "Sivanisai Selvi" by Cleveland Sri.V.V.Sundaram at the 120th Birthday celebrations of Brahmasri Papanasam Sivan on 26th sep 2010 at Narada Gana Sabha,Chennai

IX annual music and dance competitions on the songs of Sri.Papanasam Sivan at Singapore. download application form here.

IX annual music and dance competitions on the songs of Sri.Papanasam Sivan at Singapore. download flyer here.

December-2014 Music festival schedule of Papanasam Ashok Ramani

Tanishq Swarna Sangeetham-Season 3 on Raj Tv.

Celebration of 125th Jayanthi of Sri.Papanasam Sivan at Cleveland by 125 participants from North America. Download Registration form here

Sudharshana Ramesh gave a brilliant dance performance in her "Salagai Pooja" held on 11th Aug at Bhavan,Chennai

CMANA tour of North America of Ashok ramani with Nagai sri.Muralidharan and Mannargudi sri.easwaran from 24th aug to 6th Oct 2013. See concert schedule here.

IV annual music and dance festival of Sri.Papanasam sivan at Singapore on 30th and 31st Jan 2010
View photos here.

IV Annual music and dance festival of Sri.Papanasam Sivan at Toronto on 11th and 12th July 2009
View photos here.

I Annual music festival of Sri Papanasam Sivan at Malaysia View photos
View photos here.

VI annual Papanasam sivan festival at Singapore on 29th and 30th jan 2012
View photos here.

View photos here.


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Ashok Ramani's Concerts and Lec-Dem

• Gopala Krishna Bharatiyum Papanasam Sivanum

• Syama Sastriyum Papanasam Sivanum
• Papanasam Sivanum & Trinities - Lec Dem
• Papanasam Sivanum Karpagambalum
• Papanasam Sivanum Siva Kumariyum
• Thyagarajarum Papanasam Sivanum
• Papanasam Sivanum Rama Bhakthiyum

Ashok Ramani says . . .

From me to you:
Indian Carnatic music has a rich heritage. Having Vedic origins it has created and to a large extent, transformed the culture of Indian society. Today, the notes of Carnatic music continue to inspire and bring people closer to their roots, no matter which part of the world they live in. Our forefathers, gurus and the legends have left behind a massive task of carrying forth this ancient art form across the generations keeping its spirit alive and help bridge boundaries and cultures.

We are in a day and age where the world has become a global village. Distances don't matter and every minute counts. Yet, we seem to be disconnected from our roots and have got sucked into the orbit of our immediate societies. Our children continue to grow up in a so-called modern world, where they yearn to belong to an alien society and have little clue of the rich heritage they originally come from. If we could as a part of their daily lives, inculcate in them the learnings of our history and the melody of Carnatic music, we may have helped them identify where they truly belong.   

The children and youth today are the future of Carnatic music. To introduce them and take them through the splendor of this great art, we have started this website,

Lets embark on a musical journey hereon, through this fascinating medium that opens up avenues for all musical prodigies, waiting to be discovered.

Warm regards,
Papanasam Ashok Ramani

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Why Papanasam Sivan songs are very popular?
As a musician, Sri.Papanasam Sivan has great creative flair. He springs surprises on his listeners every moment. All art, as we know, is a perennial quest for beauty and so Sri.Sivan's

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